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I’ve been crow watching and have created a card to celebrate the beauty of their plumage. Plumage : a covering of feathers,  from old french Plume meaning a feather and, in turn, is derived from the latin Plūma to mean covering of soft downy feathers.

paper birds

I live beside a large school building and on its roof is a squabbling, squawking flock of crows. They clatter on the tiles and guttering, bicker over twigs and nesting places. and generally make a lot of noise. Even during the night, there is a shuffling, and a scuffling of discontent amongst the roosting birds. But they […]


The first photo shows the finished flowers either side of the crowned skull. In this picture are all the elements I used to make the flowers;  gold, white and sliver coloured foils (cut into many-petalled shapes), white or black gauze, small white plastic flower shapes* and glass beads. Some of the paint stenciling is on […]