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So delighted to still be able to go out for a walk. I ventured out, rather timidly, but well under a kilometer from my house, and definitely within the 60 minutes allowed under the new limitations for exercise under confinement regulations in France. With my attestation, proof of identity , front door key and sunglasses. […]

Autumn ….

There is a vine in the garden here, at Le Castelou, and every year the grapes are gathered and turned in to the most delicious juice… it’s a fiddly process but SO worth it for the rich ruby-red nectar that is the result. Once the grapes have been picked through, discarding leaves and rotten or […]


I have a memory, one summer, of a vulture sitting on my head . I was a bit freaked out. Neither of us enjoyed the experience, I know for sure that I was petrified. This is an ‘hommage’ to that bird. While I love birds and can admire their beauty at a distance,  I’m not […]