– through the atelier door

A walk… in the garden

Finally, some good weather. So now is the time to start planting geraniums, fuchsias, petunias et al for splashes of summer colour. The garden has take a bashing this autumn and winter; the box blight/moths or whatever has been devastating to the hedge, ( but with careful treatment it is showing signs of good recovery ),  the […]

A walk… in the snow

  * Snow returned this week. Starting on Saturday with rain turning to sleet, and sleet turning to snow. Thick fluffy flakes fell from the sky, rapidly covering the rooves and paths. The showers continued through the weekend, drifting on the shady sides of the valley, decorating every twig and branch with a sprinkle of white. In […]


I have begun a new watercolour. All the walking I’ve been doing roundabout recently has given me a passion for the density of green; living, dying and dead layers of plants, grasses and the occasional flower. So I’ve been drawing and practising building up leaf and petal shapes. Nearly forgot to mention today, 1st March, is […]


I went to a firework display and saw these enormous diamond studded dandilion heads shooting upwards, maybe 20 of them, just effortlessly opening up, one after the other, so elegant against the night sky. Then came colours, lots of colour, sometimes separately or as a huge mix. Probably the most splendid fireworks I have ever […]


I’ve been crow watching and have created a card to celebrate the beauty of their plumage. Plumage : a covering of feathers,  from old french Plume meaning a feather and, in turn, is derived from the latin Plūma to mean covering of soft downy feathers.