– through the atelier door


I went to a firework display and saw these enormous diamond studded dandilion heads shooting upwards, maybe 20 of them, just effortlessly opening up, one after the other, so elegant against the night sky. Then came colours, lots of colour, sometimes separately or as a huge mix. Probably the most splendid fireworks I have ever […]


I’ve been crow watching and have created a card to celebrate the beauty of their plumage. Plumage : a covering of feathers,  from old french Plume meaning a feather and, in turn, is derived from the latin Plūma to mean covering of soft downy feathers.

paper birds

I live beside a large school building and on its roof is a squabbling, squawking flock of crows. They clatter on the tiles and guttering, bicker over twigs and nesting places. and generally make a lot of noise. Even during the night, there is a shuffling, and a scuffling of discontent amongst the roosting birds. But they […]