– through the atelier door

another walk… in the city

I’ve been mooching about in the city of Toulouse on a grey wintery day.

December and January have been noted as the wettest months on record for 50 years in France.

It’s not difficult to understand why after so many wet days here in the south west .

As compensation, there is always the beautiful light, shining through the rain to soften everything.

These photos were taken from Pont St. Pierre which spans the Garonne. The first looks towards the chaussée de Bazacle and Pont des Catalans.

The second shifts to the right, and shows the Moulins du Bazacle building, the old Tobacco factory and the entrance to the Canal de Brienne under the brick bridge.

Toulouse, centre ville has five bridges, Pont de la Croix de Pierre, Pont St Michel, Pont Neuf, Pont St. Pierre and Pont des Catalans.

I spotted the stencilled beetle on one of the steps leading up to the bridge. I have no idea of its meaning.

I just thought the colours matched the mood of the weather. I hope that the heart in the centre of its abdomen bodes well.

I couldn’t resist this weather beaten door and its sculpted keystone. Another mood match… not sure if it’s a grim god or an angry lion ?

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