– through the atelier door

Autumn ….

There is a vine in the garden here, at Le Castelou, and every year the grapes are gathered and turned in to the most delicious juice… it’s a fiddly process but SO worth it for the rich ruby-red nectar that is the result.

Once the grapes have been picked through, discarding leaves and rotten or mouldy grapes, they need to be brought to the boil, mashing them from time to time to release the juice. Then the boiled grapes are sieved through a double layer of muslin. The grape mixture is left over night to let all the liquid slowly, slowly trickle into the bowl below. It is a messy, sticky business. The strained liquid is returned to the saucepan to go through a repeat procedure – bring to the boil, strained into bottles, jars or jugs, cover and keep in the refridgerator for a maximum of three days. Quite delicious. Cheers / Bon santé.

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